Not always…

No matter how I love my morning to be positive, energetic,  full of inspiration and hope, we are human being. Waking up happy and excited isn’t easy for most of us. There are a lot of articles to give us tips to start  your day with positive attitude. My life is as busy as it gets. I run multiple companies, mother to 4 kids coming to 5, I manage my parents house and tend to their financial and emotional needs, a wife. My early morning breakfast often accompany by bunch of issues that I may or may not be able to solve immediately. Lists from house groceries, children school fees and activities, parents and family monthly expenses, family breakfast and lunch, up to staffs issues, events, sales, salaries and all payments of running my companies has always been reviewed in the morning. So I had to make fast and quick decision where things matter less, solve the heavier ones that is urgent and put aside those major decisions that require details attention to be review at fix timing where it can get my absolute and undivided attention. Overall, I am a very positive individuals but I realise I am at my worst mood if there is any shortfall in the company revenue that require my personal contribution to keep the operation running.

Starting my day with positive attitude has its benefits. I realise when I wake up in the mornings, my happy hormone is at its highest. I prefer to go to bed before 10pm, ( sometimes my work drag me out to 1 am), and start my yoga class at 7:00am and go for a walk, jog or my gym training by personal trainer  at 8:00am. Breakfast and coffee after.  This routine has keep my sanity when everything is going wrong.

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