When I started KABINET PRIVE it was meant to be a hobby and before I know it, we have become one of the most reputable Private Concierge in the world. From Hermes bags, to exclusive yachts and bespoke high jewellery and rare diamonds, Kabinet Prive has delivered them all. My experience in Private Banking sector has allowed me to understand this niche market, providing services and take care of the most affluent clients world wide efficiently and with a touch of class. In San Francisco and New York, our clients base double since we started and continue to grow. We began with 7 clients and grew to 225 clients worldwide in 3 years time.

Who use our services? From multibillionaires down to corporate sectors. Have you ever wonder how the really rich book their luxury vacations? Do they hop on the internet and googling for hours, finding the best deals, connecting cities and departure times? How do they shop? Do they have time to queue for days to get the bags they adore, scouting from one Hermes store to the other, browsing what to buy just to get enlist on Hermes long lists?

From airfare and private jets, to luxury villa rentals and super yachts, and even off-market hotel suites for high rollers, for the super rich, no request is too big, too complicated or too expensive. Time is the most expensive commodities for them. While those leading boutiques are great for everyday consumers, a different class of service awaits those who boldly embody the statement that money truly is no object.

Welcome to Kabinet Prive, the world laced with stunning opulence, replete with unrivalled service, unforgettable special outlandish experiences and simply unimaginable excess with the good fortune afforded by our clients. By just a tip of a finger, message to our Client Managers, telling us what you need, and in no time they receive what they want most.

Though Malaysia market seems to think that Ex Prime Minister’s wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor bought her excessive luxury items from us, this is far from the truth. Our clients are developed from extensive personal and business networks that I have build along the years. 80% of our clients are abroad, in 18 countries world wide and the numbers are growing. It seems easy what we do, but like other industries, building a solid brand presence in this luxury concierge space require the best of the best with an anything goes get it done attitude. Adding to that with the necessity to deliver true value to clients that are used to getting what they want and when they want it. This business can spells out a recipe for disasters if not done right. The basis of my deep-rooted passion for service and hospitality, with a vision to enhance their lives make Kabinet Prive one of the most trusted space of the highest-net worth individuals on the planet.

We also believe in discretion and privacy, and it is our job to go out of our way to not only ensure those demands are met, but also exceeds the expectations of even the most discerning clients. Therefore, it is not our policy to be loud. We are here to deliver the best service, and of course it comes with price.

Among the items purchased by our international clients from Kabinet Prive Singapore were  the most expensive bags in the world. The rare Hermes Himalayan crocodile Birkin with white gold and 245 diamonds in size  30 and 35cm. We have also sold Hermes Kelly 32 Himalayan with white gold and diamonds. As a status symbol for the elite and ultra-rich, they are no longer satisfied with gaudy opulence. Why look like other people when they can be different? Why wait when they can get it immediately?

This year of 2019 we are expanding to Hong Kong, the top destination for the planet’s wealthiest people in 2018. Kabinet Prive is launching Kabinet Prive X, starting in Malaysia, and in Hong Kong we will have the most outstanding bag in our collections, Hermes Constance 24, in diamond detail, waiting for the right owner to carry her home.


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