• Life Lessons

    Five ways I save myself from toxic people

    To me, the single biggest obstacle to success is negative thinking. We all strive for happiness but too often we let other people and their negativity affect us, and we eventually become a victim of circumstance. Ask yourself, “What makes you happy the most?” You will not find happiness in material things like wealth, fame, power or beauty. You can only find true happiness in the love that you share with your loved ones. I feel it’s really important to show our loved ones that we care for them because the relationships that we share with them are the source of our strength. My life experience has taught me that these relationships can also be the source of our weakness if we let…

  • Life lessons I have learnt from observing my children
    Life Lessons

    Five things I learnt from my children

    On my birthdays, my father would always slyly quip, “Dah tua tapi perangai macam budak-budak (You’re a year older, but you never grow up).” Every year, without fail, well into my 40s. I used to find that annoying. I always thought that I was a very well-behaved kid growing up. Well, mostly. When it comes to my favourite food, I can be a bit irritable, but that’s a story for another blog post. I didn’t realise what he actually meant until I had my children. There are so many things that children can teach us. We often try so hard to conform to societal expectations as adults that we have forgotten how to bring joy, love, hope and meaning to life. These are…